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My email address is terry.dopson@laverne.edu

You can also find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrydopson/

About Me

My name is Terry Dopson and I am an educator located in Orange County, California. I am completing my Single Subject Credential in English Language Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning from the University of La Verne.

I currently work as the Student Employment Coordinator at the University of La Verne where I work with over 1000 student employees each year. I help students, staff, and faculty navigate through all aspects of the robust student employment program including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, employee relations, and my personal favorite, training and development.

Teaching high school English Language Arts is a combination of all of my skills and interests: working with students and families, building communication skills, exploring empathy and creativity, organizing and planning, and playing with technology.

Below are examples of my teaching materials that I have created in my graduate program. I will finish my credential in May 2022. Please contact me at terry.dopson@laverne.edu if you would like to connect and collaborate.

Lesson Plans

PowerPoint/Google Slides

Handouts and Tools

Classroom Management

Projects from my MA in Teaching Program

Writing Samples

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