Disney’s Tarzan – Musical Theatre Orange County

This summer, I will be playing the role of Professor Porter in Musical Theatre Orange County’s production of Disney’s Tarzan!

The last time I did a show with Musical Theatre Orange County (MTOC for short) was three years ago. I played several roles in their production of Disney’s Mary Poppins. It was one of the most memorable theatre experiences in my life.

What I love about MTOC is that their productions are at a professional level, but the atmosphere is very community oriented. In Mary Poppins I developed a very close bond to my cast members. Even though three years have passed, many of my friends from Mary Poppins are back in Tarzan. I feel lucky to have this touchstone of love and community.

MTOC is releasing a series of behind the scenes videos for Tarzan. I will be linking the videos below. These videos showcase the values that make Musical Theatre Orange County a wonderful organization to work with.

Also below is the flyer with all of the show dates, show times, and ticket prices. You can go to mtoc.org to purchase your tickets. Historically, all of the shows sell out by opening weekend. MTOC has developed a loyal following of not only family and friends, but many seasoned “theatre goers”.


I cannot wait for you to join us in what will be a thrilling and heart-felt adventure. Feel free to send me a message on my contact page if you have any questions.

With love,



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